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Hair Extensions

At Salon Edjii, we understand that hair extensions are more than just hair—they can offer a significant boost in confidence and lifestyle. Our team of hair experts are dedicated to creating a seamless and natural look that will help you feel confident and beautiful.

Hair extensions are a luxury service we provide and we want to be sure we cover all the bases of what getting them entails from you from the investment to the maintenance. First we'll have you complete an brief intake form. once received, we'll schedule an in person consultation to review this information and discuss which type of extensions will suit your needs.

Are they damaging for your hair?

Hair extensions (when installed and maintained correctly) aren't damaging and are made for long-term wear. They don't involve heat or glue so they are the gentlest method available on the market.

Are they bad for the scalp?

It is important to rinse well when washing your hair to avoid product build-up on the scalp. Because the beads are placed in a way to not put stress on the hair or scalp you should not have issues with hair loss due to tension like you may with other methods.

Can I take them out?

No, the hair should only be removed by an extension specialist. You wash, style, and sleep with the extensions on your head. Don't worry, we will walk you through how to take care of them.

Can I reuse the hair or do I have to purchase new hair every time?

You can totally reuse the hair! When treated properly Dreamcatchers hair extensions are estimated to last between 6-9 months of regular use.

Can I curl the hair?

Curl, straighten, ponytail, braid, half-up, down.. you can do all of the things! The wefts are made of 100% human hair so the best part about it is you can do so many styles.

What is maintenance like?

Every 6-8 weeks you will need to come in for a "move-up" appointment. For at-home maintenance I will have a hair-care guide to follow.

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